We do big things with big technologies.

Pi R Square comes with a distinct package of providing an end-to-end solutions for as simple as your mobile app, till building an entire data warehouse. We have good expertise in Cloud, BigData, and Blockchain technologies.

Why Choose us?

Our Company

We at “Pi R Square Digital Solutions” are building some of the most innovative solutions to our customers using the combination of the right technologies like BigData, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and app Development

Our Approach

We are a deep believer in Law of Diffusion of Innovation – thus our target market penetration is not 10% or 25%; it’s a whopping 84% of the people.

Therefore, we have a strategy in place to target innovators (2.5%) and early adaptors (3.5%); they will help us to capture remaining 68% of the market.




Our Belief

We are the believer of Golden Rule:

Why? How? What?

These three words help us in building the right solution for the right problems.

Why? – Why stand for the fact that why are we building a certain product? We imbibe our purpose and belief.


How? – Next aspect is how we do it? Not just technology but also reaching the target audience with ethics.


What? – This is simply the Product!! Then we move to a better solution and develop what client actually needs.



Our Product

Mark N Park


“Mark N Park” is our end-to-end smart parking management solution for contractors to smart cities. We provide options like pre-booking of parking space, optimized parking management, and ease of flow of customers.

Corporate Instructor


“Corporate Instructor” is our product in edutech. In CI! we have built a hybrid learning model where we are providing a unique way of conducting a training program. They are cost-effective and more efficient for participants.

Our Services


A pretty new thing in the market, often associated with cryptocurrency. But using Blockchain you can also keep a track of your parcels, share electricity more efficiently, check the authenticity of documents, and many other things.


In BigData Analytics we at Pi R Square help you in adopting the right strategy to adopt the right Hadoop and Spark stack.


Providing your customer an app has become a must-have thing when it's coming to any product stack. Let us help you with that!!


IoT is all about making your machines talk to each other and report. We create IoT solutions using the most secure protocols, reliable backend, and subtle user experience.


AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or IBM - you name it we can help you migrate your entire infra on cloud and help you make your applications more stable and real-time.


AI and ML are the hot words of today's world. Let Pi R Square be a part your journey in building some of the most innovative products for you.


With AR and VR you can see, imagine, and understand what you might not be able to do otherwise. We can deliver product from game to enterprise solutions.

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